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Camp Press South, a group camping trip with geeks

Date: 23-Feb-18 to 25-Feb-18
Location: United States
The perfect post-holiday trip Camp Press South '18 will be along the beautiful San Marcos River this year. We'll start off from quirky ol' Austin, TX in the morning, and by mid-morning be lounging, playing cards, boating, hiking, decompressing from the busy holiday season. It's a needed respite to help start the year off right, and we'll enjoy the luxury of our very own geeky group camp site. Relax and unwind Go on an afternoon hike, play some outdoor games, take an afternoon nap, take a canoe out, go on a scavenger hunt, or sit around the campfire with other campers… minimal schedules, lots of fun, incredible memories. Think a cross between summer camp and Burning Man… in Texas. More information here: ...

Winter Wilderness First Aid Certification – Colorado

Date: 23-Feb-18 to 25-Feb-18
Location: Boulder / United States
Winter Wilderness Emergency First Aid Certification Training Students will learn an emphasis on field herbal medicine that can be realistically used in remote and off-grid situations of illness or injury with hands-on experience using clinical and role-playing based training in post-disaster scenarios. This is a 24 hour course taught over 3 days (8 hours per day) and includes both a conventional 16-Hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification through Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) as well as more than 8 hours of herbal first aid training. Herbal First Aid information is integrated into the curriculum every day in order to create a holistic model of remote or post-disaster care that emphasizes the essentials of first aid care while also introducing fundamental plant-...

The SkinLife Day: a Day Dedicated to Helping You Manage Your Skin Condition

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
This is a unique event to help people living with psoriasis and eczema. If you or a loved one are dealing with the effects of these chronic skin conditions, this event is designed to help you learn more about how to manage your symptoms and find products that may help you.  Join us for a day of inspiring talks and workshops by industry-leading skin and wellness experts. Enjoy cookery demonstrations from top nutritionists on anti-inflammatory diets, listen to talks by some of the UK’s best coaches to help you manage stress and flare-ups, and connect with international body confidence campaigners.   Hosted by HelloSkin, the UK’s leading online store for people living with chronic skin conditions, the day will also host a marketplace for you to sample and purchase products to relieve the ...

The Admirable Crichton-Event Catering London

Date: 25-Feb-18 to 27-Feb-18
Location: United Kingdom
The Admirable Crichton or The AC as we are known to our friends and clients has organised Venue Hire London many of the world’s Venue Hire London most spectacular, beautiful and fun events Venue Hire London since we opened our doors in 1981. This vast wealth of experience, knowledge and creativity ensures each AC Venue Hire London is memorable, flawless and unforgettable. Each event is individually planned with the attention to detail that has made us famous; from a small, intimate dinner or reception, to a large party for hundreds of guests. Nothing daunts our fabulous team.

Secrets of Lasting Love: Tantric Keys to a Thriving Relationship - DENMARK

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 27-Feb-18
Location: Copenhagen / Denmark
“Attending Advaita Stoian’s talk about ‘Secrets to Lasting Love’ literally transformed my relationship over night! What a perfect start to 2018! I’m so glad we made the effort to make the 2 hour journey on that cold winter evening. If you want more love, passion, romance and connection in your relationship and get a chance to attend one of their lectures then take it!”- Sam, London IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE A LASTING RELATIONSHIP, CONSTANTLY FULL OF PASSION AND ALWAYS GROWING IN LOVE. We just need knowledge and some guidance. That’s exactly what Advaita will provide in this seminar. Having been passionately married for over 27 years, he has gained first-hand knowledge in this area. Teaching and practising Tantra in conjunction with his marriage has helped him cement these key ...

The Baltic Material Assemblies

Date: 01-Mar-18 to 25-Mar-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
The Baltic Material Assemblies presents architecture from the Baltic States investigating the materialities and infrastructural and cultural connections that seem to have persevered the political borders and conflict lines that changing regimes have aimed to introduce in the region. The exhibition investigates the projections of futurity as they seem to be inscribed into geologies, infrastructure and architecture. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the only former Soviet states to have become members of the European Union. An overwhelming majority of the energy networks, mining operations and urban layouts that were instruments of the soviet industrialisation of the Baltic States remain functional today. The reconfiguration or dismantling of this vast space demands a new relationship ...

TEDxWarwick 2018: Dare to Defy

Date: 03-Mar-18 to 03-Mar-18
Location: Coventry / United Kingdom
Defiance. Refusing to obey. Striding into the unknown. In today’s society, we face a plethora of expectations, stereotypes, and standards which impede the development of our individuality. But what if we rejected these externally imposed conditions? What if we defied societal standards? What if we chose to live free of expectations? Celebrating its 10th anniversary, TEDxWarwick honours those who have revolutionised our society and continue to do so. Those who have redefined ‘the possible’. Those who have taken risks and acted against the norm. Our aim is simple: to spread the ideas of these daring individuals and to inspire you to go beyond the ordinary. This year, we choose to outclass the orthodox, surpass the standard, and challenge the conventional. Will you join us? We dare you.

International Women's Day 2018 - Time's Up! Progress Starts Now!

Date: 08-Mar-18 to 08-Mar-18
Location: Sydney / Australia
2017 was a powerful year for women – we raised awareness all around the world about women’s rights and equal pay, openly shared our experiences, and united to challenge the status quo. Which is why in 2018 we’ve called Time's Up! on the way things used to be. Progress Starts Now! So we’ve brought together some of the most influential women in town to discuss what progress means to them, what we can expect next and how we can band together and change the future for women everywhere – including you. Bring your friends, your entire team or come alone. You’ll be joining us and hundreds of other like-minded women and men in this exciting watershed moment… because Progress Starts Now! Your Host: Sally Obermeder, will ensure you have a breakfast experience like no other! Not only is ...

Eat & Drink Festival 2018

Date: 17-Mar-18 to 02-Apr-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Co-located with the Ideal Home Show, the Eat & Drink Festival 2018 takes place from 17 March to 2 April at Olympia London. Throughout the festival, a host of well-known celebrity chefs take to the Foodie Stage, sharing their latest innovations and favourite ingredients. From one-off dinner party recipes to everyday go-to meals, you can find plenty of inspiration at the Eat & Drink Festival 2018. Also taking to the stage are mixologists and modern cuisine experts, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling. With a number of unique cocktail recipes and advice about the very best beverages to enjoy, you can discover easy ways to add a little more excitement to your 2018 tipples. With a range of food and drink to sample and shop, join us to celebrate the latest in worldwide ...